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Refresh and revitalise with our
exclusive Easy Sunday at The Yarn

Ease into the week with our exclusive Easy Sunday! Treat yourself to a tranquil 1-night escape and start your week refreshed and revitalized.
Unwind in the comfort of our charming rooms and enjoy a leisurely Sunday at your own pace. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or an active getaway, our Easy Sunday Deal promises a fresh start to your week.

The Yarn Hotel i n Horgen.

A tranquil one-night escape:

Our Easy Sunday offer is the perfect opportunity for a quiet 1 night break, allowing you to relax in the unparalleled comfort of our charming rooms. It’s the perfect way to end one week and start another with a sense of peace and renewed energy.

Tailored Sunday pace:

Enjoy a leisurely Sunday tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a peaceful retreat to recharge your batteries in solitude or an active outing to explore your surroundings, Easy Sunday is designed to meet your needs and promise a personalised start to your week.

The Yarn Hotel in Horgen.

Revitalised week ahead:

Start your week feeling refreshed and revitalised. The Easy Sunday Deal isn’t just about providing a place to stay, it’s about providing an experience that rejuvenates your spirit and ensures you start Monday with a fresh perspective and vibrant energy.